Sally and Matilda – Berkshire sows

Wow!  It seems like we waited and waited for the arrival of our little pigs and now they’re all here.  16 piglets running around, following mama and playing in the grass.  When we arrived to check on them this morning, all 16 were nowhere to be found until they all emerged from the 8 inches of grass (remember they’re only about 3-4inches tall).  Ears up they began running around to see who were approaching.

And it seems we may be in the pig business.  Macey, our oldest, has traded all but one of her goats for a gilt that will be ready to breed in a couple of months (we’ve given each of the girls a doe and the three oldest each now have a small herd that has been started and are now taking control of what happens with them).  Molly may also be trading hers for a gilt (baby girl pig) out of the litters we now have here.  I have noticed that the girls very much enjoy the pigs and want to see more here on the farm.  Each afternoon when they arrive home from school they all head and out and play with the 8 pigs that are now going on 200lbs.  I think the pigs may enjoy this afternoon fare as well.

As I often get attached to at least one pig out of each batch that we raise (there’s always one that wants to be loved on), I had decided not to name my gilts until they had proven themselves as good mothers.  Well, I think the day has come!  As we have lost a couple piglets for numerous reasons, both sows are great moms are now Sally and Matilda.  Macey has also named her gilt Cecilia (oh I hope she’s a good mama as well).

Each sow has a story and as Sally delivered in our pig hut, keeping here little ones in for about the first week, Matilda wanted to be out in the open and now that the little ones are going on 2 weeks old they all sleep together in little hut I quickly threw together to keep what I thought was coming the coming rains off of my newborns.  Sows and babies seem to be getting along great.  I think the sows are used to sleeping next to each other and enjoy the company.  As for the piglets, they all huddle in the corners together and fall asleep.

More babies on the farm always makes me smile!

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