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Our meat birds are both Heritage Breeds and the typical Cornish Cross birds raised seasonally on lush, green pasture.

   We use a rotaIMG_1785tional grazing methods that heal the land, moving them often to new fresh grass so that they can eat new larvae and protein rich grasses. This allows them to obtain all of the nutrients they need to provide us with the most nutritious chicken possible.


     Our turkeys are Bourban Reds, Midget Whites & Narragansetts (Heritage Breeds) and Broad Breasted White and Bronze (Modern breeds) and are raised on fresh green pastures!   Pasture raised poultry is like none other. Harvested here on farm and delivered to you fresh for Thanksgiving, the quality and flavor of these birds is spectacular.   Start a new tradition and give your family a Fowler Family Farm turkey this Thanksgiving.


farm pics 065   We raise Berkshires hogs, known for their red, textured, deliciously flavored meat. They are raised on pasture and in the woods where they love to root up everything. We place pigs around the farm to use their natural abilities in our favor. They turn our soil for us, which turns over the seed bed, allowing dormant seeds to take root and grow. What we see grow back is amazing! Seeds that have been dormant for many, many years now sprout up in our pastures.  Our porks flavor and texture is second to none.  Fed non-gmo, no soy fed with whey & milk, as well as brewers grains from our local brewery.



We raise a small herd of Charolais and Charolais cross cattle that creates a spectacular artisinal grass fed and finished beef.

We use managed grazing principles, moving our cattle each day to fresh, clean pastures.  Managed grazing keeps the health of the land in perspective at all times.  Leaving residual grasses on the land to both capture rainwater and sunlight for optimum grass growth.  Especially in years of drought, these principles become important to creating the most grass off the land you manage to raise more beef.  And we all love beef and healthy soils.

All of our herbivores (cattle, sheep & goats) help to rejuvenate the land we graze and in turn, they get rich, healthy pasture to graze.

IMG_1802   Lamb & Goat

Our lambs and goats are raised exclusively on pasture and browse.

Sheep are great weed eaters, targeting mostly grasses, though will browse somewhat.  Goats thrive on browse (leaves, twigs and other high-growing vegetation) & noxious species such as black berries, star-thistle & poison oak, though will graze when given the chance.  They are often found climbing trees and and each other to reach that next bite

We target the sheep and goats on invasive species around the farm as well as using them in and around Nevada, Placer and Yuba counties to reduce fire hazard and as weed abatement.

For more information on our grazing services, please go to or call 530.906.0338

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