Who we are!  Why & How we do, What we do!

Fowler Family Farm is a small 35 acre farm in Grass Valley, California.   Founded in January 2008.

Brad and Alana grew up in Nevada County and here is where we decided to live, work & raise our family.   We have five daughters (Macey, Molly, Morgan, Wendy and Wyatt -that’s right, all girls) who enjoy helping around the farm as well as personally owning several species of livestock of their own.


In 2008 we began by offering pasture raised chicken to fill a niche market in Nevada County.  At the time, there were no local farms offering chicken.  Since then, we’ve added a species each year.  All raised on pasture, in their natural environments.

Although we were raised in Ag, through 4-H and FFA, we were still feeding conventional feed until 2009! We really didn’t know what GMO’s were. In 2004 our first daughter had 5 ear infections by the time she was 1 which led me to ask the question, why? This didn’t seem normal! My original thought was: Before the development of antibiotics, kids couldn’t have gotten sick like this, right?  And, we have a pretty good diet!  Home made meals, fresh produce.  This led me to a friend that was passionate about raw milk. We switched our families dairy and started switching to organic, eliminating the amount of ear infections and sicknesses that my subsequent children had. 2009 was only the beginning to looking deeper into our food supply and were then introduced to the Weston A. Price Foundation. Going back to the basic foods, prepared the way they traditionally have been.  Using and soaking whole grains and bone broths made from scratch, who knew? Once we switched to purchasing organic for ourselves and our livestock we never looked back.

From there, it’s been education! Reading several books including The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Seeds of Deception has opened our eyes to the current food system and what it’s creating.  Our customers continue to educate us with stories of their own, which are inspiring on their own. Our passion is to supply our community with the same level of healthy, nutritious & delicious food that we produce to keep our own family healthy. If you are what your eat, then you are also what the livestock eat.20140616_170602_resized

We currently offer grass fed & finished beef, lamb and goat, as well as pasture raised pork, chicken, turkey, goose,and eggs.  All our livestock are raised in a pre-1920 America method, without GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.  We are currently grinding and mixing our own feeds to keep control of ingredients and freshness.  Livestock love fresh feed, not to mention the additional nutrient value of it.

twins and goatsIn addition to our meat products we also use goats & sheep and sometimes cattle and pigs for vegetation management.  For more information on using livestock as a tool, go to www.thegoatworks.net