Fowler Family Farm



To purchase pasture raised and grass fed & finished meats, please contacted our trusted friends at: for Beef & Pork  for Chicken & Turkey

Fowler Family Farm – Regenerative – Sustainable

We are a multi-species farm in Grass Valley, California.  Our entire operation is family farm.

Taste The Difference a Pasture Makes

All our livestock are raised in a holistic system, constantly moving animals to fresh pasture. This allows us to keep our livestock healthy without hormones or antibiotics! Our rotations regenerate the soil, build carbon, increase soils ability to hold water ultimately creating the most nutrient dense products for our customers.

Nutritious, Delicious & in Good Conscious!

 When you buy from us, you know that our high standards of care and nutrition have been met for the entire life of the animal.  We focus on making every day of our stocks lives as happy as possible with large pastures, high quality fresh feeds, fresh water, shelter, and low stress & predator pressure. In every aspect of our system we are focused on creating meat that is not only nutritious and delicious… but is also in good conscious.

A Family Farming for their Community!

As a family owned and operated business, we are the farm hands, the ordering department, the accountant, and the customer service department. We want to know each of our customers and their families by name. In addition to our farm, we are also actively involved in local organizations like 4H, Farm Bureau, Sierra Harvest, Nevada County Food & Farm Conference and the Nevada County Food Policy Council.